As born again believers in Jesus Christ, we must get involved. The problems America is facing will not just go away. They will escalate and speed the demise of our once great nation into oblivion. We will become like all those empires in the past that disintegrated from within as they rejected Almighty God, Yahweh and His Son Jesus Christ. We may not be able to reverse the demise of America but we can delay it's complete destruction by pushing back the direction we are going. We must stand for God and His righteousness and witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. Christians must also vote out and put in leaders who share our values and obey God. The body of believers (the church) can no longer afford to do nothing. We have given up way too much ground to people with Godless ideologies throughout the years, especially in the very recent past.

Get Involved:

 1.  Pray for repentance and revival in America.

 2.  Persuade your church and Christian friends to get more involved in the fight for freedom in America.

 3.  Read the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

 4.  Attend prayer meetings and political rallies for revival in America like The Response and Tea Party.

 5.  Become more aware of the current politicians and candidates for office. What do they stand for?

      What is their voting record?

 6.  Vote for Godly leaders who will not compromise their beliefs.

 7.  Encourage Godly leaders by calling, emailing, and writing them.

 8.  Support them financially.

 9.  Hold your current leaders accountable. Call, email and write them your views on their actions. 

10. Stand with and support groups, organizations, and businesses that are Godly.

11. Boycott those groups, organizations, and businesses that are anti-God and anti-America.

12. Do not be intimidated by anyone (groups or organizations) that threaten your God-given basic freedoms.

13. Share resources and information with fellow believers on witnessing to the lost and taking back America.

14. Use the internet and multimedia to connect with and share vital information on fighting for freedom in America.

15. Support Israel. God blesses those nations who bless Israel and curses those who curse her. (Genesis 12:3)


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