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The United States of America

Two hundred and forty years ago, the United States of America was born. We had our first President, Congress, Senate and Constitution. Our freedom came through blood shed by the Patriots that fought in the Revolutionary War against Great Britain's King George III. It took tremendous courage from that small group of 13 colonies to face the wrath of the most powerful nation on earth at the time, and they won! They risked everything for freedom. 

Most importantly, the United States of America was founded on Biblical principles. We began as a Christian nation. Our Founding Fathers were distinctly Christian in their beliefs and conduct, which was reflected in the government they forged along with our laws, and Constitution. We were created as One Nation Under God.

Since that time, America has gone through many trials and tribulations to become the greatest free country on earth. We have been through a Civil war, two World Wars, the Korean, Vietnamese, and Middle East wars. We have survived troubles from within and without. God blessed America!


Our Founding Fathers would be devastated to see what America has become. "America the Beautiful" has deteriorated so much from the Biblically inspired ideologies, that it hardly resembles what it used to be. The values that our Founding Fathers fought for have been and are being reversed! The Constitution has been ignored, neglected, defiled and shredded. We have begun to look like the very government that our Founding Fathers vehemently opposed!

Freedom is becoming a byword as our constitutional rights are being stripped away by lawless officials who ignore the people's will. Greedy politicians, radical judges, special interest groups, and lobbyists have taken over. Offices that were designed to be those of servitude to you, the citizens of this nation, have been corrupted by those that do not acknowledge the basic foundations of our Constitution. Major persecution is taking place against Christians! Religious freedom is becoming a thing of the past. The Pledge of Allegiance, Ten Commandments, and prayer have been removed from the public sector and immorality is sweeping the land.

All this has accelerated over the past fifty years. Despite the overwhelming majority of the States defending marriage between one man and one woman, there has been a relentless attack and Federal push for the legal acceptance of same sex marriage across the land. What ever happened to "We the People"? Hollywood and the media support a liberal administration that defies Biblical values and the Constitution. Our government is abandoning it's own people. We are 19 trillion dollars in debt because of overspending on welfare and entitlement programs. Almost half of the people in the U.S. do not pay taxes. We are rapidly becoming a socialistic state headed for complete economic collapse. Our military has been weakened, putting us at risk for more terrorist attacks, and our support for Israel has diminished. Radical activist judges who have sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution are hijacking the people with court decisions that defy God and the will of the American people! There are so many problems that there is not enough time and room to describe them here.

The most tragic of all in America is the murder of 54 million unborn babies through abortion since 1973! No wonder God has turned His back on our great Nation. Despite the valiant efforts by many pro-life groups, the murders continue and will be accelerated through health care laws requiring everyone to buy health insurance policies that fund abortions and infanticide through tax payers dollars! God's wrath is being poured out on America! We used to be the model for liberty, freedom, and morality, but now the rest of the world looks upon us with shame and disdain. We live in a country that calls evil good and good evil.

Now What?

So, what do we do now? We must do our part as Christians to witness the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ to a dying world. We must also act as Americans to delay the decay of our great Nation. That's right, we can pray for repentance, elect Godly leaders, and support organizations that will not bow down to the "politically correct" agendas of our times. We can stand to be counted for righteousness and morality and do everything in our power to put people in leadership that follow the original U.S. Constitution, no matter what. But the end is inevitable as we head toward the complete collapse and destruction of our Country, and the return of the Messiah of the world, Jesus Christ.

This is a website of hope for Christian Americans. Join with me in standing for the Godly values our Nation was founded on. Pray for our Country. Help people understand the history of the United States of America. Let's encourage one another to fight for our freedom in America, stand for morality, elect leaders who are accountable, share our belief in God, the Bible, the Constitution, and  One Nation Under God.  God Bless you, and God Bless America.      




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